With a view to improvement, VISPE Medical Devices Consulting, Environment, Health and Safety section is able to assist companies by offering them the opportunity to develop or implement their own management systems taking into account aspects that are crucial today.

These objectives can be achieved by taking advantage of current standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We can therefore propose ad hoc approaches by integrating them and making them adhering to the needs of each individual company.


The environment is everyone’s heritage. To make this aspect more and more central we can support you in the:

  • meet the legislative requirements (AUA, VIA, Atmospheric emissions, waste management);
  • improve product performance by following various regulations such as REACH, CLP, and systems such as IMDS;
  • obtain ISO 14001 certification.


The concept of prevention applied to workplace safety has been underestimated for a long time. However, with the introduction of the new legislative decrees, it has assumed a central role in the company in that it allows to anticipate the potential developments of a danger starting from the risk assessment. So programming, monitoring and maintaining safety conditions within a company is a valuable tool for reducing workplace accidents.

Our team can help you to:

  • create and / or implement your Quality Management System considering aspects relating to workplace safety;
  • obtain ISO 45001 certification;

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