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Each company needs a unique image and coordinated communication so that it can be recognizable on any platform and in any area.

VISPE Medical Device Consulting can support you in the graphic design of any informative material (e.g. dèpliant, brochures, catalogs etc.) and support you in color and communication choices using specific and qualified programs. Our team can also help you in the management of major social media by creating ad hoc posts with dedicated and personalized graphics, sharing articles and information relating to the activity of interest, thus creating an exchange network.

Nowadays it is in fact essential to be present on social media (eg Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), fortifying the corporate image towards the entire company and allowing you to reach new potential customers and stay in touch with those already loyal.

VISPE Medical Device Consulting, GRAPHICS section, can therefore help you realize:

  • The whole coordinated image
  • New logos, restyling and vectorization
  • Business cards, letterhead, letter envelope, notepads, folder
  • Brochures and dèpliants
  • Roll-Up
  • Flyers
  • Company catalogs (photo editing, general structure, etc.)
  • Typesets of any kind
  • Infographics for conferences, meetings, work-shops etc.
  • Graphics designed specifically for packaging, IFU, gadgets etc..
  • Graphics for billboards

In addition, we can create and help you manage your social media.

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